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Performance and technical specifications

Fundamental principle of Bamtonnelstroy JSC in construction of the underground and other projects is deployment of the high-performance machinery and equipment from the world-wide manufacturers.

lovat RME-139SE

Among them are Canadian "Lovat", Japanese "Mitsui", "Kawasaki", "Saga-Cogio", Finnish "Sandwik-Tamrock", Austrian "Voest Alpine", German "Wirth", "Putzmeister", "Schoma" and others. This contributes to more efficient underground excavation regardless of geological conditions.

An undoubted advantage of Bamtonnelstroy JSC is its ability to apply all the tunnel construction and mining approaches known in the world: with a tunnel boring machine, roadheader, new-Austrian method and conventional drill and blast.

The high-efficient mining machines from the world-wide leading manufacturers are widely applied on all the facilities of Bamtonnelstroy in order to achieve the main target to provide the fast pace of underground construction work in all geological conditions:


  MRH-200 Mitsui Mike

  • Modern drilling equipment by "Sandvik Tamrock", "Axera T11-215", "Robolt-073" (Finland), "ROCL 6" by "Atlas Copco", etc.;
  • Road headers with booms machines with selective action working attachment "Alpine Miner ÀÌ-75" by "Voest-Alpine" (Austria), "MRH S-200" by "Mitsui Miike" (Japan);
  • Tunnel boring machines by "LOVAT" (Canada) of various diameters: 2,5m for communal tunnels, 5,6m for main line tunnels and subways, 9,5m for single-track railway tunnels.
  • Microtunneling machines with diameters of 0,8m with remote control by "LOVAT" (Canada)
  • Shotcrete rigs for applying shotcrete "Putzmeister" (Germany), "Roboshot Midjet" ÌÊ 2, ÌÊ 3 (Australia), etc.;
  • Tunnel formworks "Saga Ñogio" (Japan), "Wortington" (Italy).



Bamtonnelstroy JSC has its own technical-repair basis, conducts all the types of repair of mining heading machines, including technique from the world-wide manufacturers, and also produces special mining construction equipment (mechanically propelled tunnel formwork, handling dollies, means of transport, etc.)


The specialists of our company widely apply technology of ground consolidation under the bottom end by cementing and fixing the walls with silicate matrix that allows increasing the capacity of pile with diameter of 320 mm.

Despite the obtained results Bamtonnelstroy is developing and installing its own new technologies.

Bamtonnelstroy subdivision, Krasnoyarskmetrostroy, has developed the special construction of hollow screws with seals in joints, which allows making the drill and the injection of grout along the whole length at the same time.

Cut-and-cover service laying has such drawbacks as road surface damage, the damage of existing communications, long-term traffic stop.

When the construction is performed in most developed parts of the city, in places of the historical and cultural value, and when there are works under railways the disadvantages of traditional method of communication laying are becoming most obvious.

Bamtonnelstroy possess all the necessary equipment for constructing the ways by means of trenchless method while laying services with the diameter from 100 to 1000 mm of various uses and with the length up to 50 m.

These technologies are economically competitive with cut-and-cover service laying method and therefore are in great demand in the market.

More than 1000 m of services of various uses are laid in Krasnoyarsk by subdivisions of Bamtonnelstroy.

The various methods of heading and heading technique respectively are used according to the working condition. It is possible to construct the horizontal, inclined and vertical boreholes with the diameter from 100 to 400mm with maximum accurate direction.

In July 2003 in Krasnoyarsk the plant with automatic carousel line for production of high accuracy segments for the lining of the tunnels was put into operation. Equipment for the line was provided by the French company CBE.

Manufacturing of ferroconcrete segments of various types and size for TBM Lovat R 242 S, R 232 S RME 139 SE concrete B45 waterproof thaw-freeze proof P200 features technology is totally adjusted.

The production rate of the technological line is 240-280 hollow circles per month, when the loading is full. There are no analogy for this equipment in Siberia and the Far East.

Thanks to the highly-skilled specialists and the construction technology laboratory it is possible to match the concrete composition of various components according to the various purposes quickly.

At present Bamtonnelstroy constructs the railway and traffic tunnels, waterside structures, subways and collectors.

Drill-and-blast and machinery methods of tunneling are used for construction of these facilities according to the geological conditions.

Drilling rigs of portal type and with pneumatic drive by Sandvik Tamrock (PPV-507, PPV-317, PPV-207, 11-215), combines AM-75 by Voest-Alpine, S-200 by Mitsui Miike, P-110 by Cromatorsky factory are used.

Road headers with booms machines complex by Lovat: MTS-1000, RME-106 SE, RME-139 SE, RME-232 SE, RME-242 SE, RME-375 SE. The loaders PMB-3D2M by Yasnegorsky manufacturing plant and dump hauli loaders R-301, KAWASAKI M8 are widely used for ground transportation.

Truck trains MOAZ-75094 and dump trucks KAMAZ-55111, reequipped for the underground construction, are used for haulage.

Temporary support of the face is performed with wet shotcrete by means of concrete pumps WKM-133 and BSA-1002 by Putzmeister, MK-2, MK-3 by Jacon PC-506 by CiFa.

The permanent lining is constructed with the help of the company-made mechanic formwork; pneumatic concrete truckmounted pumps and Transmix 3000 by Jacon are used for the delivery and concrete placing.

Horizontal drilling rigs BAiyi-2 by TONE-BORING and Diamec-250 252 by ATLAS COPCO are used for advanced exploration.

Diesel locomotives CHL-60G by Schöma are used for rail haulage.

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