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Finished projects


Being one of the biggest companies in the Russian Federation, "Bamtonnelstroy" JSC constructs railway and traffic tunnels, waterside structures, subways. Service tunnels are constructed by means of microtunneling technology. Also the company constructs residential and office buildings.

At present high execution level of the major construction works is officially registered and meets the requirements of the International Quality Certificate ISO 9001.

For thirty years of experience the company proved to be a safe partner always ready to execute extremely complex projects.

Special methods of construction such as injection grouting and water depression, water drawdown, drainage system, tapping of ground water, installation of the ground water cutoff, etc. are widely used in construction of the railway tunnels. Various types of tunnel supports and linings: rock bolt support, shotcrete support, horseshoe type of cast-in-place concrete, round shape of cast segments and high precision concrete segments, etc. are used.

Construction of the traffic tunnels is one of the main activities of "Bamtonnelstroy" JSC. The significant number of finished traffic tunnels have variable cross-section because of enlargement for transport emergency stop, which significantly makes the technology of the construction more complicated and demands changes in the heading cycle and leads to the slowdown of construction. All the constructed tunnels are located in the highways of the highest federal importance. The tunnels in commission are equipped with automated control systems in order to provide the maximum safety and comfort while travelling. There are modern systems of the artificial longitudinal-jet ventilation and automated traffic control system in the tunnels due to heavy traffic.

From the very beginning the main specialty of "Bamtonnelstroy" JSC was construction of railway tunnels. By today 20 tunnels have been commissioned in the East-Siberian, Far East, Zabaikalsk, Krasnoyarsk and North-Caucasian railway.

    Railway tunnels

  • Nagorny tunnel
  • Baikal tunnel
  • First Mysovoy tunnel
  • Second Mysovoy tunnel
  • Third Mysovoy tunnel
  • Forth Mysovoy tunnel
  • Codar tunnel
  • Medium Petlevoy tunnel
  • Short Petlevoy tunnel
  • Nanhchulsk tunnel
  • Old Nanhchulsk tunnel
  • Tunnel №1 of the detour in the Severomuisk mountain ridge
  • Tunnel №3 of the detour in the Severomuisk mountain ridge
  • Severomuisk tunnel
  • New Rachinsk tunnel
  • Old Rachinsk tunnel
  • Tarmanchukan tunnel
  • Long Petlevoy tunnel
  • Lagar-Aul tunnel
  • 2nd Jabsky tunnel
  • Tunnel №1 of the North-Caucasian railway
  • Korshunovsky tunnel
  • Bolshoy Novorossiysky tunnel
  • Lagar-Aulsky tunnel
  • Nanhchulsky tunnel

    Traffic tunnels

  • Matsestinsky tunnel
  • Krasnopolyansky tunnel
  • Mizursky tunnel


  • Construction of the main line tunnel and "Berezovaya rosha" (name of the station is originated from birchwood) subway station, Novosibirsk subway
  • Main line tunnel and subway station in Yekaterinburg
  • Participation in construction of 2 Moscow subway stations
  • Participation in construction of 2 Dnepropetrovsk subway stations
  • Construction of subway in Alma-Ata

    Waterside structures

  • Zaramag head hydro-power station
  • Soviet hydro-power station
  • Construction of Bogouchan rock-fill dam
  • Shore spillway on the Sayano-Shushensk HPS (construction)

    Facilities of commercial use

  • Participation in construction of sarcophagus during liquidation after catastrophe in the Chernobyl Atomic Power Station
  • Sewer, Barabinsk
  • Airport runway in Ulan-Ude (Buryat republic)
  • Cable tunnel, Moscow
  • Buildings and facilities in the village of Poltavka

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