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Construction of the new Kuznetsovsky tunnel
Construction period April 2008 – June 2013
Client Department of complex reconstruction of railways and construction of rail transport projects ("DKRS")
– the branch of JSC "Russian Railways"
Design company ООО PII "Bamtonnelproject" Ltd
Construction company "Tunnel Division-12 – Bamtonnelstroy" Ltd
Tunnel length 3890,00 m
Tunnel cross-section without lining
Tunnel cross-section with lining
55,3 m2
Excavation method LOVAT RME-375 SE TBM, D=9,5 m
Lining reinforced concrete segment lining (circular type)
Geography Khabarovsk Region, Far Eastern Railway,
Komsomolsk-na- Amure – Sovetskaya Gavan section

The Kuznetsovsky railway tunnel is located in the Komsomolsk-na-Amure – Sovetskaya Gavan section of the Far Eastern Railway. It is projected to construct the one-track railway tunnel and the service tunnel running parallel to each other is planned. The service tunnel length is 3911 m. The service tunnel longitudinal section is dual - slope. This project consisting of the railway tunnel, the service tunnel, pre-portal cuttings, job sites and a dead-end track is located in Vanino, the Khabarovsk Region. In 2008, temporary buildings and facilities were built on job sites, and the east pre-portal site was arranged.

In 2009, excavation of the service tunnel began by using the Robbins DS 1413-301 TBM. In 2010, excavation of the railway tunnel commenced using the Lovat RME 375SE TBM.

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