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Combined (rail and traffic) road from Adler to the mountain-climatic resort "Alpika-Servis"

27 May 2009, the ceremonial events devoted to the Tunnel System #1 excavation start-up took place. The Tunnel System # 1 is a major Olympic construction project being part of the combined (rail and traffic) road that will be constructed from Adler to the mountain-climatic resort "Alpika-Servis". The Tunnel System #1 is located near the village of Akhshtyr, at the 15 th kilometer of the road from Adler to the mountain-climatic resort "Krasnaya Polyana" and the Olympic venues.

The Tunnel System #1 consists of the traffic tunnel - 2153 running meters in length, the railway tunnel - 2473 running meters in length and the service tunnel - 2250 running meters in length.

Tunnel System #1 Tunnel System #1

For construction of the traffic tunnel and the railway tunnel, JSC "Bamtonnelstroy" applies roadheaders "Voest Alpine" ÀÒÌ 105S and ÀÌ 75, and "Mitsui MRH-S200" as well as drilling rigs Boomer Å3. For construction of the service tunnel, the LOVAT RME 232 SE TBM is applied.

The time of construction completion is confirmed by the Client ("DKRS - Sochi" - the affiliated company of JSC "Russian Railways"):

  • service tunnel - 1 st quarter of 2010;
  • traffic tunnel - 1 st quarter of 2013;
  • railway tunnel - 2 nd quarter of 2013.

Taking into account the tight construction deadlines of these tunnels and the importance of transport infrastructure development for the 2014 Olympic Games, the construction companies: JSC "USK MOST", JSC "Bamtonnelstroy", CJSC "US"UGSK" and "Tunnel Division # 18" Ltd started simultaneous excavation of all three tunnels 1.5 month earlier than it had been scheduled.

In all, 450 workers are involved into the Tunnel System #1 construction. Among them are: TBM and roadheader operators, miners, surveyors, powermen, engineers. All of them are highly - qualified specialists, who have lots of experience in constructing tunnels in different regions of Russia.

Participants of the ceremonial event devoted to the Tunnel System #1 construction start-up were: the Vice President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Kozak, the President of JSC "Russian Railways" Vladimir Yakunin, the Krasnodar Region Governor Alexander Tkachev, the Mayor of the city of Sochi Leonid Pakhomov, the President of the Russian Olympic Committee Leonid Tyagachev, the President of the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee Dmitry Chernyshenko. Also, management and other representatives of the State Corporation "Olympstroy", the Krasnodar Region Administration, Administration of the city of Sochi, JSC "USK MOST" as well as JSC "Bamtonnelstroy" took part in this event.

Photo report of the ceremonial event.

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