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Maly railway tunnel 18.09.2008
Maly Novorossissk railway tunnel
September 18, the breakthrough of the Maly Novorossiysk railway tunnel took place. The double-track tunnel, 525 meters in length, is constructed using benching method by means of roadheaders. The Maly Novorossiysk railway tunnel is located in the Krymskaya – Novorossiysk section of the North Caucasian railway. This project includes both construction of the new double-track tunnel and temporary conservation of the old existing one.
Korshunovsk tunnel 24.06.2008
Korshunovsk tunnel
June, 20 putting into operation of Korshunovsk tunnel of East-Siberian railway was held. The tunnel is 30 meters away from the existing tunnel which was built in 1968-1973. Bamtonnelstroy started construction of a new tunnel in 2004. Length of the tunnel is 950 m.
Navaginsk railway tunnel 18.06.2008
Navaginsk railway tunnel
June 2008, excavation works of the Navaginsk railway tunnel were completed. This tunnel was excavated from both portals by means of roadheaders «Mitsui Miike MRH S-200» and «Alpine miner АМ-75». Simultaneously with the excavation, the permanent reinforced concrete lining was assembled. The tunnel is expected to be commissioned in April 2009.
Kuznetsovsk railway tunnel 06.06.2008
Kuznetsovsk railway tunnel
In the beginning of May on construction site of Kuznetsovsk railway tunnel (Komsomolsk-on-Amur - Sovetskaya harbour in the Far East) preparatory works were initiated and they started delivery of the construction materials for a camp. Construction of the tunnel will commence in July with boring of a service tunnel by means of a new tunnel boring machine Robbins DS1413-301 with 4,3 m diameter. Design length of Kuznetsovsk main tunnel 3890 m. Length of the service tunnel 3911,60 m.
Krolsky railway tunnel 02.06.2008
Krolsky railway tunnel
Breakthrough of Krolsky railway tunnel, in Abakan-Taishet line. May, 30 in the eastern portal of Krolsky tunnel ceremonial event was held. Tunneling was carried out by means of the tunnel boring machine LOVAT RME 375SE 9,5 m diam. Length of the tunnel 2253,6 m.
Pictures from the show.
Sochi – 2014 02.06.2008
Sochi – 2014
June 1, 2008 - The Contract was signed with USK MOST to begin the first construction stage of the combined (rail and traffic) road Adler-Krasnaya Polyana. It’s planned to start the temporary works that include construction of the production base, temporary buildings and facilities as well as temporary roads.  
Intertunnel 2008 28.05.2008
Intertunnel 2008
May, 20-22 in Turin, Italy international exhibition "Intertunnel 2008" dedicated to tunnel construction was held. "Bamtonnelstroy" was the only Russian construction company exhibiting there. This, therefore, attracted many visitors and exhibitors of the event. During three days of the show the company representatives negotiated on various subjects, in particular on tunnel machines, modern technologies and materials with the representatives of the leading manufacturers of Italy, France, Spain, England, Canada and USA. Pictures from the show.
Tunnel № 1 20.05.2008
Tunnel № 1
May 22, ceremonial commissioning of the Tunnel № 1 took place. This tunnel is located in Adler-Tuapse section of the North-Caucasian railway. Its length is 589,4 meters. Construction of the tunnel was performed by the daughter companies: “UTSK” and “UGSK”. The tunnel was excavated by means of roadheaders. Film waterproofing and drainage facilities will provide ground water protection.
Kuznetsovsky railway tunnel
February, 19 2008 special partnership "STROY-TREST" and "BAMTONNELSTROY" was acknowledged as a winner in the open tender No468 with a right to make a contract for construction of a new Kuznetsovsky tunnel in the section of Komsomolsk-on-Amur - Sovetskaya gavan of the Far-Eastern railway. Construction is planned to start in Aipril 2008. Length of the tunnel will be 3 890 m.
Meeting with the Minister of transport of the Russian Federation I. Levitin
February, 16 2008 a meeting with the Minister of transport of the Russian Federation Igor Levitin was held. The issues raised were prospects of development of tunnel construction in Russia. The managers of the construction and design companies were present at the meeting. General director of "Bamtonnelstroy" Yury Prokayev made a report at the meeting.
Ulan Ude airport 12.12.2007
Ulan Ude airport
December, 12 ceremonial commission of the second stage of the runway construction in Ulan Ude airport  was held. Among participants of the celebration there were airport management, Buryat republic authorities, management of the Federal Agency of air transport, management of MOST constuction company, management of the airports of Siberia and Far East, management of JSC "Bamtonnelstroy" and Tunnel division #12.
Maly Novorossijsk tunnel 24.10.2007
Maly Novorossijsk tunnel
In the middle of October Bamtonnelstroy-south Ltd., a subsidiary of Bamtonnelstroy, started construction of Maly Novorossijsk tunnel. Construction is carried out by a roadheader from one portal.
Navaginsk railway tunnel 15.10.2007
Navaginsk railway tunnel
October, 15 2007 ceremonial breakthrough of the upper stage of Navaginsk railway tunnel was held. The tunnel is located in Armavir-Tuapse section of North-Caucasian Railway. Construction of the tunnel is carried out by Southern Mining Construction Company, a subsidiary of Bamtonnelstroy by means of the roadheaders in stages.
Maly Novorossijsk railway tunnel
"Bamtonnelstroy" was acknowledged to be a winner of the open tender #365 for reconstruction works of Maly Novorossijsk railway tunnel of the North-Caucasian railway. Construction is planned to commence in October 2007.  
Bolshoi Novorossijsk tunnel
June, 28 in Krasnodar region near Novorossijsk there was a ceremonial breakthrough of the service tunnel for Bolshoi Novorossijsk tunnel. Length of the tunnel is 1665 meters. Construction was carried out by two companies, UM GKR and a subsidiary of US UGSK. Reconstruction of Bolshoi Novorossijsk tunnel which is located between stations Tonnelnaya and Gaiduck (789-791 km) started in 2005. It's length will be 1627,8 meters. The existing tunnel is 1389,4 was built in 1885-1888.
Cable tunnel
Since November 2006 Bamtonnelstroy started construction of the cable tunnel from Davydovskaya station in Moscow railway and in Kiev direction. By the beginning of January assembly of the Tunnel Boring Machine LOVAT RME - 139 SE was finished. They started boring January, 5.
Flight-strip of the airport, Ulan-Ude, Buryatiya
December, 27 2006 commissioning of the Flight-strip of the airport, Ulan-Ude, Buryatiya was held. Works were performed as directed by standards. Ulan-Ude airport is the only one in Buryatia and one of the primary airports in Eastern Siberia and Transbaikalia.
Commissioning of the 2nd Jabsk tunnel
November, 9 2006 commissioning of the 2nd Jabsk tunnel in  Abakan-Taishet  section of Krasnoyarsk railway was held. Length of the tunnel is 752 meters. Construction of the main tunnel and a service tunnel was carried out by the subsidiaries Tunnel Division 22 and Tunnel division 12.
Rating of the Siberian companies
The magazine Expert-Siberia #37 October, 9-15 2006 published the rating of 400 biggest companies of Siberia. JSC "Bamtonnelstroy" takes the first place among the "Biggest construction companies". In "press center" you can find the extracts from the article (in russian).
Sayano-Shushensk Hydro Power Station
October, 4 2006 in the construction site of a shore spillway of  Sayano-Shushensk Hydro Power Station a breakthrough of the counter faces #1 and #5 in the left diversion tunnel took place.
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