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Kuznetsovsky railway tunnel 21.12.2009
The completion of the service tunnel excavation of the Kuznetsovsky railway tunnel
On the 16th of December 2009 festive occasions devoted to the completion of the service tunnel excavation took place on the Western portal of the Kuznetsovsky railway tunnel.  The building of the service tunnel was started in January 2009, and its length is 3911 m. The driving was held using TBM Robbins DS1413-301, with the diameter of 4,3 m. The building of the object is held by LLC Tunnel Division 12 - Bamtonnelstroy. General constructor JSC STROY-TREST.
Tunnel system 4, Sochi 02.11.2009
Tunnel system 4, Sochi
At the beginning of November, excavation of the railway tunnel 4 which is part of the combined (traffic and rail) road from Adler to Alpika Servis started from south portal. Construction is being performed by "Caucasian tunnel construction company" Ltd. The one-track tunnel is 450 meters long. Its excavation is being carried out using "Mitsui Miike" roadheaders and drill and blast method.
Korshunovsky railway tunnel 30.10.2009
Korshunovsky railway tunnel
In October 2009, reconstruction of the Korshunovsky tunnel started. The general contractor of this project is JSC STROY-TREST that concluded a contract with JSC Bamtonnelstroy for provision of engineering services under this project. The old Korshunovsky tunnel is located at the 549th km of the East Siberian railway in the Taishet - Lena section. Its planned to reexcavate the tunnel using roadheaders and drill and blast method. The works are performed by Tunnel division 12 - Bamtonnelstroy Ltd.
Underground city 2009 26.10.2009
Underground city 2009
October 19 22, 2009 The 6th International specialized exhibition "Underground City 2009" took place at the All Russian Exhibition Center in Moscow. It was held as part of the 3rd International Forum "CITYBUILD-2009". The "Underground City" exhibition is a traditional, annual event which JSC Bamtonnelstroy participates in as an exhibitor.  Also the international scientific - technical conference "Modern mechanization of works during tunnel construction and underground space development in large cities" was carried out under the Forum program. The Deputy General Director of the JSC Bamtonnelstroy Mr. Mikhail Belenky made a report at this conference.
Tunnel Systems, Sochi 01.10.2009
Tunnel Systems, Sochi
In late September early October 2009, construction of the railway tunnels of the Tunnel Systems 3 and 6 that are part of the combined traffic and rail road from Adler to Alpika-Servis started. Excavation of the railway tunnel 3 began with construction of a launching chamber for the Lovat RM 394DS TBM Ø 10,2 m using benching method. This TBM assembly started in October 2009.Construction of the railway tunnel 6 is being carried out from south portal using mining excavator. The railway tunnel 6 is the only double track tunnel along this road, its width is 12 meters.
Nankhchulsky railway tunnel 14.09.2009
Nankhchulsky railway tunnel
September 8, 2009 the ceremonial commissioning of the Nankhchulsky railway tunnel took place. This tunnel is located between Novokuznetsk and Abakan in the Mezhdurechensk-Abakan section of the Krasnoyarsk Railway (Askiz area, the Republic of Khakassia).The tunnel was constructed in 1957. Its reconstruction started in 2002 after a new tunnel located 35 meters away was put into operation. The tunnel was reexcavated using drill and blast method. Its length is   2403 meters. The reconstruction works were carried out by Tunnel Division 22 and Tunnel Division 12 Bamtonnelstroy.
President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev 17.08.2009
The RF President Dmitry Medvedev visiting the Tunnel System #1
August 13, the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev had a meeting with student divisions on the job site of the Tunnel System #1. Students of these divisions came to Sochi to take part in construction of the Olympic Projects. During one hour, the President of the Russian Federation was discussing different problems of the student divisions with their leaders and was sharing his own experience with them. Also, among participants of this meeting were: the President of "GK Olympstroy" Taymuraz Bolloev, the RF Minister of Sports, Tourism and Youth Policy Vitaly Mutko, the Vice President of JSC "Russian Railways" Oleg Tony, the Head of DKRS Sochi Evgeny Solntsev and also management representatives of construction companies, who are responsible for construction of the combined rail and traffic road from the city of Adler to the mountain climatic resort "Alpika-Servis".
Bolshoy Novorossiysky tunnel 05.08.2009
Reconstruction of the old Bolshoy Novorossiysky tunnel
Right after putting the new Bolshoy Novorossiysky tunnel into operation, reconstruction of the old Bolshoy Novorossiysky tunnel running parallel to the new one began. At the end of July, UMGKR Ltd started the tunnel excavation from the South portal.
Tunnel System #5 03.08.2009
Tunnel Systems - Sochi
At the end of July 2009, on the job sites of the Tunnel Systems #1 and #5 located along the combined (rail and traffic) road from Adler to Alpika Servis, construction of the launching chambers was completed and excavation of the service tunnels started using TBMs. The service tunnel #1 (2420 meters long) is being constructed by means of the Lovat RME 232SE TBM, which was already successfully applied for construction of metro in the city of Novosibirsk. The service tunnel #5 is being constructed by means of the new Lovat RME 167SE TBM. Its length is 2800 meters. Construction of these service tunnels is performed by Tunnel Division 18 Ltd.
Lagar  Aulsky railway tunnel 17.07.2009
Lagar Aulsky railway tunnel
July 14, 2009 the ceremonial commissioning of the Lagar Aulsky railway tunnel took place. Bamtonnelstroy started the tunnel reconstruction in September 2006. Putting this new tunnel into operation helped enhance the speed and safety of train movement in the Obluchye Khabarovsk section. This ceremonial event devoted to the tunnel commissioning was visited by the representatives of the JSC Russian Railways  -  S. Epifantsev, M. Zaichenko, V. Krapivny, V. Karasev, A. Ramazanov; by the head of the Jewish Autonomous Region government - N. Volkov as well as by the Bamtonnelstroys management  - V. Tur and V. Ilin. The commissioning ceremony was finished by moving a train through the new tunnel.
Bolshoy Novorossiysky tunnel 09.06.2009
Bolshoy Novorossiysky railway tunnel
June 12, 2009 - The ceremonial commissioning of the Bolshoy Novorossiysky railway tunnel of the North Caucasian railway (JSC Russian Railways) took place. At present, the 1st construction stage is completed including construction of the new single - track tunnel 1627,8 meters long and the service tunnel 1657,2 meters long. The construction was performed by two companies UMGKR Ltd - the General Director Viktor Shary and US UGSK Ltd - the General Director Vladimir Antoshchenko.  
tunnel system # 1 excavation 29.05.2009
Sochi-2014. Tunnel system # 1
May 27, 2009 ceremonial commencement of the tunnel system # 1 excavation took place. The tunnel system includes 3 tunnels (railway, traffic and service ones).These tunnels are a major part of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games transport infrastructure. They are located on the combined (rail and traffic) road within Adler and the mountain-climatic resort Alpika Servis. Taking into account the importance of these tunnels and the tight deadlines of their construction, simultaneous excavation of all three tunnels started 1.5 month earlier than it had been scheduled.  
Exhibition Intertunnel 2009 27.03.2009
Exhibition Intertunnel 2009
March 18-20, 2009 - In Moscow, the "InterTunnel" Exhibition was held with the assistance and participation of the Russian Tunnel Association. This exhibition is the major Russias International Specialized Exhibition of new technologies, services and equipment for designing, construction and operation of tunnels. Being a participant of both the Exhibition and the Transportation Congress, which is a part of the program, Bamtonnelstroy has a unique opportunity to establish international business relationships as well as to get to know innovative technologies and services used in tunnel construction.
Sochi-2014 13.03.2009
March 11, 2009 - At the request of Bamtonnelstroy, Volga Dnepr Airlines delivered the first shipment of the tunnel mining equipment necessary for construction of transportation infrastructure facilities for the Olympic Games 2014. This oversized cargo with total weight of 94 tons was delivered from Novosibirsk to Adler by An-124-100 Airplane.
Kuznetsovsk railway tunnel 30.01.2009
Kuznetsovsk railway tunnel
January 2009, the excavation of the Kuznetsovsk service tunnel by means of the Tunnel Boring Machine Robbins DS1413-301 commenced. The length of the service tunnel is 3911 m. The construction complex, which includes a service tunnel, pre-portal cuttings and job sites, is located in the Vanino District of the Khabarovsk Region.
Krasnoyarsk metro 22.12.2008
Krasnoyarsk metro
December 2008, excavation of the right main line tunnel between the Vysotnaya and the Kopylova stations was completed. 44 running meters of the Kopylova station were excavated with erection of cast-iron lining.
Sochi-2014. Tunnel complex # 5 28.11.2008
Sochi-2014. Tunnel complex # 5
November 2008, preparatory works started on the territory, allotted for the job site of the tunnel complex # 5. According to the design, the complex # 5 will include a traffic tunnel, a railway tunnel and a service tunnel.
National Award 26.11.2008
National Award - The Best Employer of Russia
In 2008 the National Award "The Best Employer of Russia" was adjudged to Bamtonnelstroy represented by Yury Prokayev, General Director for achieving high results both in economic activities and social sphere. Public recognition of his merits, awarding of the title of honored laureate of the National Award "The Best Employer of Russia" prove his talent of a leader, deep knowledge of economics laws and also ability to lead and unite people for achieving general goals. We congratulate Yury Prokayev on his just reward and wish him success in his further work and new achievements!
International Forum CITY BUILD 2008 20.11.2008
International Forum CITY BUILD 2008
November 10 23, the fifth International Forum CITY BUILD 2008 was held in the International Exhibition Center Krokus Expo in Moscow. Within the program of this forum the traditional exhibition Underground city 2008 took place in which Bamtonnelstroy participated. During 4 days of the exhibition specialists of our company had discussions on various subjects with representatives of leading companies from Russia, Italy, France and Canada. According to the results of this event Bamtonnelstroy was awarded two certificates for the significant contribution to this project and also certificates and badges of honor for introducing innovative technologies into underground space development.
Sochi-2014 30.09.2008
September 2008, construction of the approach road to the south portal of the tunnel complex # 1 started. This tunnel complex includes 3 tunnels a traffic tunnel, a railway tunnel and a service tunnel. Excavation works are expected to begin in June 2009.
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