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"Russian railways" JSC -

"Russian railways" JSC is a commercial organization set up by the Russian Federation. The activity of the company is based upon the legislation of the Russian Federation and the Articles of Agreement.

The main targets of the "Russian railways" JSC are to meet the requirements of the federation, sole proprietors and corporate bodies for railway transportation and services provided by the railroad, and to make profit.


  • Nagorny tunnel
  • Baikal tunnel
  • 1st Mysovoy tunnel
  • 2nd Mysovoy tunnel
  • 3rd Mysovoy tunnel
  • 4th Mysovoy tunnel
  • Codar tunnel
  • Tunnel № 1 of the detour in the Severomuisk mountain ridge
  • Tunnel № 3 of the detour in the Severomuisk mountain ridge
  • Nanhchulsk tunnel
  • Severomuisk tunnel
  • Long Petlevoj tunnel
  • Medium Petlevoj tunnel
  • Short Petlevoj tunnel
  • Tarmanchukan tunnel
  • Old Rachinsk tunnel
  • New Rachinsk tunnel
  • New Lagar-Aul tunnel
  • 2nd Jabsky tunnel
  • Korshunovsky tunnel
  • Tunnel № 1, North-Caucasus railway
  • Navaginsky tunnel
  • Krolsky tunnel
  • Bolshoi Novorossiysk tunnel
  • Mansky tunnel
  • Kiparisovsky tunnel

Federal transport agency of the Ministry of transport of Russian Federation -


  • Matsestinsky tunnel
  • Mizursky tunnel
  • Krasnopolyansky tunnel
  • Shaumyansky tunnel
  • Asheltinsky tunnel

"Sayano-Shushensk hydro power station named after P. Neporozhny" JSC -
Project: shore spillway on the Sayano-Shushensk hydro power station

"Zaramag HPS" JSC -
Project: Diversion tunnel 2 of Zaramag hydro rower station, Ardonsky cascade

"Underground transport buildings construction department" Municipal Unitary Enterprise
Project: the 2nd construction stage of the Novosibirsk subway on the section Marshal Pokryshkin station - Berezovaya rosha station.

General Board of the Federal purpose-oriented program "National boundary of Russian Federation" (2003-2010) of Federal Security Service of Russia
Construction of the building complex of interregional area railway offices of FBR, Russia: Poltavka, Omsk region.

National state administration "The state client department on the realization of the Federal purpose-oriented program "The modernization of the transport system of Russia"" (National state administration "Rustransmodernization")
The accomplishment of works on reconstruction of the airport runway in Ulan-Ude (the 1st construction stage).

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