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"Bamtonnelstroy" JSC

Bamtonnelstroy is one of the biggest companies in the Russian construction system. It specializes mainly in designing and constructing underground structures such as various tunnels (railway tunnels, traffic tunnels and metro), underground facilities for waterside structures, communication tunnels, pipe laying tunnels and other objects of underground development.

Moreover our company can carry out other construction projects as well, such as construction of airports, traffic roads, civil and industrial engineering objects.

At present a high execution level of the major construction works is officially registered and meets the requirements of the International Quality Certificate ISO 9001: 2000. For thirty years of experience the company has established a reputation as a safe partner always ready to execute extremely complex projects. For this period more than 50 projects were finished. More than one hundred kilometers of tunnels were constructed and among them tunnels of the international level.

Tunnel site 1

Tunnel site 1On April, 6 2011 they finished excavation for full cross section of a road tunnel which is a part of the Tunnel site №1 in the combined traffic and rail road Adler – Alpika Servis. They started excavation in May 2009 by means of a road header and drill and blast. Length of the tunnel is 2296 m. Construction is being carried out by ZAO «US UGSK».

Tunnel site 3

Tunnel site 3On March,1 2011 they accomplish breakethrough of the service tunnel №2 on Tunnel site 3. Tunnel site №3 is the longest and the most complicated in the combined traffic and rail road Adler – Alpika Servis. The service tunnel was bored by a TBM Seli-Lovat RM 243DS 6,2 m in diameter. Totally they bored 3208,6 m.

Tunnel System 5

Tunnel System 5February 9, 2011 - excavation of the railway tunnel belonging to the Tunnel System 5 which is part of the combined (rail and traffic) road running from the city of Adler to the mountain resort Alpika-Servis was completed. The tunnel was excavated using the TBM Herrenknecht EPB-10690 (diameter - 10,69 m). The ceremonial breakthrough event was attended by representatives of the following companies and organizations: Transport Ministry of Russia, JSC Russian Railways, State Corporation “Olympstroy”, International Olympic Committee, International and Russian Tunneling Associations, as well as participants in the International Conference held in Sochi at that time and participants in the Sochi project construction.

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