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Bamtonnelstroy was established in 1975. It’s activity began with construction of the tunnel on Baikal-Amur Railway. Construction of many tunnels was carried out in excessively difficult mining and geological conditions. Totally ten tunnels were built and 70km were . There are unique structures in the credit side of the company which have no analogue in the sphere of construction. The evidence of this is the Severomuisky tunnel, which is the longest railway tunnel in Russia and its length is 15343m.

By today the company commissioned 87,79 km of tunnels of different function, including 20 railway tunnels in the North-Caucasian, East-Siberian, Far- Eastern, Zabaykalsk and Khrasnoyarsk railways with the overall extension more than 45 km.

At present construction and reconstruction of 13 projects with total length of 30 km are in progress in Russia.

Bamtonnelstroy is:
  • 34 years of experience in construction of the underground structures;

  • 6 representative offices, 13 construction and 12 infrastructure companies;

  • more than 5500 of highly qualified specialists;

  • 140 units of specialized rock equipment;

  • 50 commissioned and under construction projects all over the Russian territory;

  • application of the quality management system based on the international quality standards ISO series 9001:2000;

  • advanced technology and modern equipment in every project.

Fundamental principle of Bamtonnelstroy in construction of the underground and other projects is deployment of the high-performance machinery and equipment from the world-wide manufacturers. Among them are Canadian "Lovat", Japanese "Mitsui", "Kawasaki", "Saga-Cogio", "TADANO LTD", Finnish "Sandvik mining and construction", Italian "Seli", "Cifa S.p.A.", "DIECE SRL", Austrian «Voest Alpine», German "Herrenknecht", "Wirth", "Putzmeister", "Schoma", "Eickhoff Corporation", USA "The Robbins Company" and others. This contributes to more efficient underground excavation regardless of geological conditions.

To minimize the risks and cutback the first price of construction, specialists of our company thoroughly scrutinize a project and the results of survey works in order to finalize the vision of the mining and geological conditions at the stage of the engineering design. Only after that a client will be offered the most optimal in terms of construction proposal. Indubitable advantage of JSC Bamtonnelstroy is use of all modern and world-wide known methods of tunnel construction such as shield method ( by means of a tunnel boring machine) and conventional ( by means of road headers, drill and blast).

Among the continuous clients of «Bamtonnelstroy» JSC are the bigger state companies: Russian railways, Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, RusGidro, regional and city administrations. For the sake of a client a preliminary research of the regional resources where a project takes place is executed. First of all this allows decreasing the expenses of a client and then it helps to solve certain goals of the company. For insatnce to use certain categories of workers for certain kinds of work, to use the auxiliary means, to establish and develop production and technical basis in order to provide the tunnel constructors with qualitative repair of the machinery and equipment and necessary materials. Our company guarantees a client contractual construction terms, which contribute to trustful, mutual and respectful relations.

By improving production management structure, introducing new technologies, buying new equipment Bamtonnelstroy steadily intensifies its power and extends its sphere of activity. Annual turnover of the company is about 310 million EURO.

The company constructs underground and surface transport lines in the territory from the Far East to the South of Russia, including Far Eastern railway tunnels, railway and traffic tunnels in North Osetia, in the Black Sea coast, Krasnoyarsk, East Siberian, North Caucasian railway tunnels, subways in Khrasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg. The specific feature of the company is that the major part of construction and assembly works is carried out on its own. Thus in 2006 this index was 79%.

Major activities:
  • Engineering construction services

  • Construction of railway tunnels

  • Construction of traffic tunnels

  • Construction of subways

  • Construction of diversion tunnels

  • Construction of small diameter tunnels and microtunneling

  • Construction of runways

  • Industrial-civil engineering
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