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Company management

Meeting of Shareholders

The annual general meeting of shareholders is the highest management body of Joint Stock Company Bamtonnelstroy. In addition to the annual general meeting extraordinary meetings of shareholders are also held. The shareholders – owners of ordinary or preference shares have voting rights at the general meeting. Any shareholder has a right to participate in the general meeting either in person or through his/her representative.

Board of Directors

The board of directors is in charge of the Company’s general activities except for those issues that are within the competence of the shareholders’ general meeting. Members of the board of directors are elected by shareholders at the general meeting to act until the next annual general meeting of shareholders. The board of directors sets the Company’s priority activities, approves annual budget and makes decisions about convening general shareholders’ meetings. Position of the board of directors in the Bamtonnelstroy management system and its activities are subject to the Company bylaws and the board of directors regulations.

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